Typical industries which can benefit from the use of conformal cooling;

Automotive Mold Panels and Components

Plastic injection molds with sweeping contours and parts featuring reverse bend details

Inner wheel liner molds, door panels, IP, consoles, fenders, fascia, deck lids, headliners, deep draw components

Automotive and Aero Thermal Forming Molds

Molds used for thermal forming such as RTM (resin transfer molding) and SMC (sheet mold compounding) would benefit from rapid heating of large surfaces

Auto, Aero and Appliance Stamping and Forming Dies

Dies used for hot forming process would benefit from the implimentaion of conformal cooling allowing for higher throughput and better part quality

Automotive and Industrial Metal and Die Cast Molds

Conformal cooling can be applied to die cast molds for cases, blocks, and gear train applications. Channels can be added to alloy and aluminum molds to allow for more rapid and uniform cooling

Consumer Product Molds

Molds used for the manufacture or outdoor furniture, garbage and recycle bins, tables, toys and other consumer items