Company Bio

Conformal Cooling Solutions Inc., was conceived by Pat Zaffino after recognizing several shortcomings in the tool and die industry.  His years of experience welding on moulds creating engineering changes motivated him to create a safer and superior method to deposit large amounts of weld accurately and reproducibly.  The concept of 3D robotic additive manufacturing was then developed and thoroughly tested in his tool shop.  A creative offshoot from this technology was to use this robotic technology to create conformal cooling channels in moulds greatly reducing the part cycle time.   Once the basic principles of these technologies were forged, Pat and his team of developers partnered with automotive OEM’s, The University of Waterloo, Precarn Incorporated, Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) and the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program to develop cutting edge research to allow creation of 3D object on molds and die’s, and the conformal cooling applications based on this.

Pat Zaffino

Pat Zaffino has 30 + years of experience with extensive metallurgical knowledge relating to tool steels and non-ferrous metals. He is the driving force behind this innovation with the passion, vision and the ability to develop the robotic deposition process and apply it to conformal cooling applications. Currently managing director at Conformal Cooling Solutions Inc.., Pat has been instrumental in the development of 11 North American patents related to robotic deposition and conformal cooling on molds and dies