Other Services

  The CCS developed system also has the ability to perform specialized repairs and modifications of existing molds and dies. The system compares existing CAD data to new design data. The changes are then interpolated by the cell software and robot paths are generated


  The additive manufacturing system allows precise buildup of surfaces to near net shapes. This reduces machining, polishing and provides a porosity free surface

CAD data is processed and posted
Build up of detail
Typical bead profile
Final welded detail
Finished product
Engineering Changes


Engineering changes to existing molds and dies are easily executed.


New features can be incorporated using our additive manufacturing process which deposits material on pre-heated surfaces. Details are free of pin holes, porosity and the result is near net shape allowing minimal clean up machining and polishing

Laser-Wire formed component
Machined Laser-Wire component
Cylinder shapes
GTAW build up
Laser-Wire dome
Micro-Plasma Wire shape
Additive Manufacturing


Conformal Cooling Services equipment can be utilized to manufacture shapes (AM) from CAD data.

Components have been manufactured using Plasma, Micro-Plasma, GTAW, Laser-Wire and Laser-Powder

Gallery of Typical Projects
Micro-Plasma Wire shape